AP FAIRFAX Automotive Concierge Services

·         Complete detailing service for all types of vehicles.

o   Small to midsize sedans and SUV’s                           $275.00

o   Luxury and larger sedans and SUV’s                        $395.00

o   Mini Vans                                                                       $315.00

o   Cilajet Protective finish exterior & interior              $895.00 (5 year warranty)


·         Wheel/Rim repair and refinishing

o   Most curb rash damage                                              $100 - $150

o   Minor bent rims                                                            $150

o   Repairable cracked rims                                              $150 -$225

o   Change wheel  color, incl’s minor rash repair          $150 & up

o   Roadforce Wheel Balancing                                        $ 35.00 per wheel


·         Paintless dent repair

o   Minor dings and dent                                                   $125.00                               

o   Medium to larger dents                                               $139.00

o   Hail and Tree Nut Damage                                           starting at            $250.00


·         Minor Paint Repairs

o   Bumpers                                            starting at           $275.00

o   Side panels and doors                    starting at           $300.00

o   Touchup minor scratches              starting at            $ 79.00

o   Minor dents and deep scratches                                price varies


·         Interior Repairs

o   Torn seats and Door Panels                                         price varies

o   Burn Holes                                                                       price varies

o   Smoke or Foul Odor Removal                                      $ 90

o   Worn Leather Seats                                                        price varies


Stop by anytime for a complementary estimate to make your car look new again!


Department hours

9711 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031